Example results generated from lncRNA IDs: n280959, n265692, n266006.

Expression Heatmap. Expression Heatmap showing the expression values of the lncRNA genes in the different biological conditions ratioed to mock-infected samples (log2 fold-change). Each row represents a lncRNA gene, and each column represents a biological condition. The expressions values are indicated by 3 color-gradient boxes. The header of the heatmap indicates the biological attributes of the biological conditions: the mouse strain (129S1, AJ, C57BL6J, CAST, NOD, NZO, PWK, or WSB), the day post-infection (2 or 4 DPI) and the virus (PR8 or MA15). The small square in each boxe indicates if the gene has been found differentially expressed (FDR<0.01). For each gene, a quality control flag, indicated by a 2-color box, specify if the lncRNA was expressed with at least 10 reads in at least 75% of the samples of at least 1 biological condition.