Example results generated from lncRNA IDs: n280959, n265692, n266006.

Rank-based Enrichment. Radar plots showing the rank-based enrichments of the lncRNA in the Gene Ontology (GO) Biological Processes, IMMGEN modules and REACTOME pathways. Each spoke of the radar plots represents the enrichment score (ES) for a specific lncRNA. ES were defined as –log10 Bonferroni corrected up distinct directional p-value from the Wilcoxon rank sum (WRS) test. Gene sets that were found significantly enriched (ES > 1.3) for at least one lncRNA are shown. Enrichment score have been bounded to a maximal value of 50. Lines have been drawn to connect the enrichment results for each lncRNA gene. Please click on each node to see lncRNA name, ES and percentile rank (PR) of enrichment.